Contract Galt Token - Documentation.

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Problem Description.

The Project needs an ERC20 contract and a Token to account for the investments of Project participants in the Funds that will develop the Territory and the equivalent of a digital right to all Project Territories without the right to specific Land Plots. The closest analogue is the land share.

Contract goals.

  • the GALT Token allows to take into account the contribution of each Project Participant to the Project Funds;
  • the GALT Token allows to provide liquidity of Funds. This means that all Project Funds at any time are required to automatically redeem GALT tokens from their owners;
  • the GALT Token allows to determine by auction the true true of the Land Plots;
  • the GALT Token allows to automatically transfer Ethers between Project Funds;
  • the GALT Token is the equivalent of a share in all Project Funds and in all Project Territories;

Contract Specification.

  • Token name (name) - GALT Token;
  • Token symbol (symbol) - GALT;
  • Number of decimal places (decimals) - 18;
  • Max. the possible number of minted Tokens - 2 ^ 256 / 1e18 = 1.1579209e + 59;

The contract uses the implementation of the OpenZeppelin Mintable ERC20 standard. The contract uses the implementation of the BurnableToken standard.


Method Right to call
mint () Contract GaltGenesisRegistry
burn () Contract GaltGenesisRegistry
transfer ()
approve ()
transferFrom ()

Implementation features on Solidity.

Contract Owner.

GALT Project CORE Team. Later, ownership of the contract will be transferred to the Community.



Who starts the contract.

GALT Project CORE Team.



Ambiguous questions and answers to them.


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