Galt Project Documentation

This repository contains Software Design Documents for Galt Project.

For each smart contract Documentation contains:

  • problems descriptions;
  • goals;
  • requirements;
  • specifications;
  • user scenarios;
  • user inteface design;

File structure

  • ru - directory contains documentation in Russian Language. One file for each contract.
  • en - directory contains documentation in English Language. One file for each contract.

About Galt Project

Who is John Galt?

What is John Galt Project in 10 sentences.

John Galt Project - open-source software for land tokenization (accounting on blockchain) and self-governance in the form of a set of smart contracts in the Ethereum blockchain, which gives effective tools for any group of people (crypto-enthusiasts, landowners, small nationalities and local tribes):

  • add his own Land plot to the Project for Free and be a part of a global Comminity;
  • buy or use their own territory of land and raise an investment fund for its development: the construction of roads, hospitals, schools, the development of the economy by investing in companies and start-ups;
  • to divide whole territory into land plots between project participants by auction if needed;
  • determine the weight of each participant in voting in elections in proportion to the contribution to the fund;
  • elect fund managers and give them the right to dispose of the fund's money;
  • to make sure that fund managers increase the amount of money in the fund by means of competent investments in infrastructure, companies and people;
  • at any time, withdraw the cryptographic keys from the current fund managers and transfer them to another managers;
  • at any time, withdraw money from the fund;
  • at any time, split the fund into several funds by participants voting;
  • to regulate the relationship between the Project Participants by means of cryptography;
  • confirm the one’s right to own or lease a land plot using cryptography.

Main goal

The main goal of Galt Project is to create self - governed community runned by smart contracts.

Galt Project Tokens

GALT - ERC20 standart ethereum based token.

SPACE - ERC721 standart ethereum based token.

Galt Project Contact information

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